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The suit industry can be split into 2 price segments, the $1500 high end custom suits, and the cheap fused $100 - $500 off the rack suits. BookATailor has managed make that high end custom suit affordable for the retail consumer at an opening price point of only $450. BookATailor has managed to do the same with custom button down shirts. Offering 2 custom made men’s shirts as low as $99.

BookATailor is the only vertically integrated Men’s Custom Clothing Company that is nationwide today.

We have identified the common obstacles in the custom clothing industry and are the only company that has managed to eliminate them, having full control and live data at all times.

  • Communication with your supplier – We are vertically integrated, meaning that we have our very own production facility in Bangkok, Thailand with over 100 master tailors working full time to fulfill BookATailor order.

  • Quality Control & Consistency - We have built a state of the art reverse quality control meaning that we do not let a garment pass until it has been hand inspected and passed through a series of random questions before it is packed to be sent out. At the same time we store every customers account profile in our database insuring a consistent fit on their bespoke clothing.

  • Turnaround time – standard turnaround time in the industry is 4 weeks +. Since we manufacture product just for the BookATailor brand. The tailors work hard to deliver our product at a cutting edge industry time. Under 4 weeks.
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