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Answer: Once you book a tailor, you'll get an email confirming your appointment. 24 hours prior to your appointment you will receive another email confirming your appointment! Get excited because you will enjoy the experience.
Answer: You don't, but it's always best and easiest for our Styling Geniuses to take your measurements while you're wearing your own suit jacket. This allows them to perfect your measurements based on what you already have, and the style you desire.
Answer: Of course, the Styling Genius will bring tons of fabric samples for you to choose from. Every single detail on the suit is chosen by you!
Answer: We offer the best turnaround time in the industry.Delivering your product to the showroom 4 – 6 weeks.
Answer: Of course you can bring people with you to your appointment
Answer: Yes! We offer the best deals to our customers. just call us and tell us what you're looking to do.