Franchise Benefits
BookATailor Franchise Concept
Bookatailor Franchise

The franchising relationship could be described as a business marriage in which both companies work in close collaboration supporting each other but at the same time still legally and financially independent. If we decide to work together you will benefit from our:

  • Attractive business model
  • Proven retail, showroom, and kiosk concepts
  • Garments with mass appeal
  • Market leading position
  • Appealing futuristic design
  • State of the Art Production Facility

We will assist you in very step in the process from location scouting to the store, showroom or kiosk opening event. Once your store, showroom or kiosk is up and running we will continue to offer support within these key areas.

  • Operational support
  • Visual merchandising
  • Training
  • POS materials and attire
  • Marketing materials
  • Knowledge sharing
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