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A graduate of Baruch College in NYC, Jacomo Hakim has been recognized as an innovator in the custom clothing industry through his company, BOOKATAILOR.

In 2010, Jacomo’s father wanted him to choose an industry that he could build a career in, which is when he founded GEMMA Suits. During his time with GEMMA, where he sold suiting fabric to mom and pop custom suit tailors, he realized that there were some problems that would eventually discourage him as well as many within the same business. This is when Jacomo and his father teamed up to come up with a solution to fix three major problems within the custom clothing industry, bad communication due to language barriers, long order fulfillment turnaround, and lack of accessibility due to high price points.

BOOKATAILOR was founded in 2012 by Jacomo Hakim and his father. Aimed at solving the problems within the industry, BOOKATAILOR became a huge success through vertical integration, which allowed for better communication, quicker turnaround times on orders, and lower pricing capabilities making BOOKATAILOR, more accessible to multiple audiences.

Today, the brand has a total of 11 locations throughout the United States, 7 of which are franchises and 4 remain corporately owned. It has also been recognized by media outlets, such as, Fox & Friends, The Steve Harvey Show, Inc., FORBES and Esquire magazines, to name a few.