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100 Days of Trump Fashion: The Timeline

6/12/2017 - Mr. Spicer runs his second press briefing in a sharp navy-blue suit, with pocket square...

Sean Spicer Fixed His Suits. What About the Ties?

3/4/2017 - Sartorially speaking, these are strange days in the White House. President Trump...

Meet the NYC man behind Sean Spicer’s desperately needed suit makeover

2/22/2017 - NEW YORK — While most would be skeptical about buying anything from the trunk...

Sharp-dressed men: What's new in menswear in Pittsburgh

6/13/2016 - Whether shopping for Father’s Day or just any man with a keen sense of style...

Ainsley Earhardt's BookATailor look revealed

6/2/2016 - Entrepreneur reveals new measuring tool that makes it easier for customer...

How BookATailor went from mall kiosks to high-end service

6/2/2016 - CEO offers Tax Day deals to 'Fox & Friends' viewers...

The World on Demand: 23 Startups That Deliver Everything From Sexy Man Servants to Marijuana

4/5/2016 - You can order a sexy manservant to follow you to and fro and carry your parasol...

BookATailor Smart Cars Set New Tone for Custom Clothing

4/1/2016 - The company operates a fleet of cars that roam highly populated urban areas.

How to survive an Uber-style disruption

3/22/2016 - BookATailor has physical showrooms, and also uses a SmartCar to meet customers where they are, says CEO

His business is worth $22 million! || STEVE HARVEY

1/28/2016- Steve Harvey talks to Jacomo, the young entrepreneur behind Book A Tailor...

Three Habits Millionaires Need || STEVE HARVEY

1/27/2016 - Before heading to the stage, Steve Harvey's #NewRich panel of 20-something millionaires share their tips for success.

A Clothing Store That Comes to You

1/5/2016 - Make an appointment with BookATailor's new app, and the startup will drive its mobile showroom to your doorstep.

'Book a Tailor' lets you order custom made shirts and suits on the go

11/25/2015 - NEW YORK (WABC) -- You see some crazy things on New York City streets, but a mobile tailor is pretty unusual.

Brian and Steve change into BookATailor suits

11/5/2015 - Company revolutionizes custom fit clothes

How A DJ And His Dad Built A Growing Custom Tailoring Enterprise

1/5/2016 - Mens Wearhouse founder George Zimmer made headlines over the summer..

BookATailor: Tailors make house calls

10/19/2015 -When you think of custom clothing, you may envision a lengthy and stuffy process...

I spent $12K on suits out of some guy’s trunk

10/13/2015 -For years, Alex Burekhovich regularly saw a personal stylist at Bloomingdale’s...

BookATailor uses technology to better suit customers

7/28/2015-BookATailor wants to put more men on the road to custom tailored clothing.